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Take me up, up, up and away

On Saturday night we had the honour of performing for Victoria & Stephen; the new Mr & Mrs Martin!

This lovely couple chose the Manor House Country Hotel for their venue, this is one of the first places we played a wedding at and it never disappoints! That being said it's always the crowd that makes the night of course.

After the first dance we kicked off with a few jives and they went down a treat, young and old graced the dance floor during the set. This Monaghan crowd were definitely a country crowd it has to be said as the Waltz set seen just as many on the floor, the dancers were that good we had to do a second set later on too!

However without a doubt the most popular song of the night was 'Discoland' which serves as the inspiration for todays title. Not only did we sing it at the end of our set, the recorded version of which you can find on our songs page, but we also threw it on during the disco set. They couldn't get enough of this tune!

Thanks for having us folks, we had an amazing night and we hope you enjoyed it every bit as much as we did. We may perform at a lot of weddings but we promise no two are the same, we know you'll remember your big day forever and rest assured we will too. Wishing you both the very best as you depart on your journey into married life.

-The Atmosphere Team


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