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Row, Row, Row your Boat

We had the pleasure last night of performing for Sarah & Mark; the new Mr & Mrs Stretton!

Sarah and Mark chose the magnificent Lusty Beg Island for their reception. It’s always an experience visiting this unique location due to the boat ride over to it! Don’t let the title fool you its not actually a rowing boat! All the same we’re forever afraid the van will miss the boat and fall in🙈.

For the first dance they chose Kodaline‘s ’The One’, this ones a really popular one throughout our weddings!

Following that we kicked things into gear as we began the night with the dancers in full force joining the bride and groom on the floor. We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves on this one as we had a fantastic set of dancers throughout the night!

Thanks for having us folks, we had an amazing time and we hope you had one too. Now the Hustle and bustle is over and things settle down you get to live your happy ever after together and we’d like to wish you both a long and prosperous life together as husband and wife!

-The Atmosphere Team

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