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All of my tomorrows start today

Congratulations to Mary Ellen & Michael; the new Mr & Mrs Tennyson!

Mary Ellen and Michael chose the wonderful Four Seasons Hotel in monaghan as the reception for their big day. Nice to be back in this venue, it was beautifully decorated for the occasion!

The guests were largely a portadown crowd, sure you couldn’t complain about that. When we arrived we knew we were in for the night’s craic as the buzz in the room was mighty. As the crowd gathered round to watch their bride and groom grace the floor with their first dance you could have heard a pin drop (well..if apart from us singing of course!) Special mention to the father daughter dance Mary Ellen had with her father Tom, they chose “your wedding day” for the dance, a perfect choice if we do say so ourselves! All round a great crowd from start to finish #somecraic #MakingMemories

Thanks for having us folks, we had an amazing night with you and your guests and we hope you enjoyed it every bit as much as we did. Wishing you both a long and happy life together as you begin your new lives together.

- The Atmosphere Team

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